Jewel Marketing
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Jewel do?

We do all things related to content marketing and marketing content in the English language, whether it’s consulting, strategy, planning, creation, optimization, planning, execution, or copywriting.

What doesn’t Jewel do?

We’re not a “full-service agency.” We don’t do branding, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy, media buying, or website building. Taiwan has plenty of other agencies doing those things, and we know some of the good ones, and we’re willing to work with them.

Who does Jewel serve?

Most of our clients are Taiwan tech and/or B2B companies. However, we do some B2C work, and we’re flexible enough and willing to work in very different industries.

What makes Jewel special?

Taiwan has very few senior-level native-English content experts, and even fewer agencies devoted to global content marketing - so we’re a rare bird in Taiwan.

What value does Jewel provide?

Jewel can study your marketing strategy and create a content strategy to match it. And we can create a content plan/calendar and match the content writing/creation to the appropriate funnel stage. We’re comfortable with the technical language that Taiwanese companies use, and we can translate it into hard-hitting content and copy, and tailor it for different audiences. We understand what our clients are selling, and we understand how to sell it, through world-class content craft and quality. All these skills are rare in Taiwan.

What types of content are Jewel’s specialties?

Jewel doesn’t have content specialties, but we have the most experience creating blogs & thought leadership, product brochures/webpages, social media posts, and solutions guides.

Does Jewel do consulting?


Does Jewel create finished marketing assets?


Is Jewel a registered company in Taiwan?


Does Jewel work with clients outside Taiwan?


Who’s in charge?

Jason Patterson is the founder of Jewel. He’s a long-time content marketer and Taiwan resident.

Does Jewel do advertising copywriting?

Yes, we can write Google ad copy, create social media ads and other digital ads, or print ads.

Does Jewel do SEO?

Jewel uses SEO techniques to inform our content strategy & writing, but we don’t “do SEO” because SEO is not content. However, we do know some good full-service SEO providers, and we’re willing to explore working with those you might know.

Does Jewel do videos/animations?

Yes, we can plan them, script/storyboard them, shoot them, and make them.

Does Jewel do marketing-related editing, proofreading, or polishing?


Does Jewel create Chinese-language content?

No, plenty of other agencies in Taiwan are already doing that.